In this latest instalment Matt Anderson, Marketing Assistant at SaleCycle, looks into the important role that Browse Abandonment Emails can play in your Digital Marketing arsenal.

We need to talk about email. No, it’s not in trouble, and certainly not dead! As the average value of an email address is £84.50 it’s clear that email is live and kicking, but how else can it be used to achieve goals?

I want to talk about a new way in which emails can be used, in the browse stage of the customer journey.

With the abandonment rate across all industries currently standing at 76.8%, it’s clear that many website visitors are not willing to commit to a purchase on their first visit.

Why is this? It’s well documented that visitors will abandon due to high shipping costs, a complicated checkout process, and other factors.

However, the part of the customer journey we are talking about here is far earlier than this, before they add items to shopping carts. It’s when a visitor is searching through and browsing your website, looking for and viewing product pages.

It’s not a revelation, not everybody will go on to purchase after browsing and this is where Browse Abandonment Emails can help…

What are Browse Abandonment Emails?

So, what are they? Browse abandonment emails use technology that tracks the browsing of a website’s visitors. This then enables an automated email to be sent to the visitor that includes custom content based on their browsing behavior.

Engaging with a visitor at this stage of the customer journey allows a relationship to be established sooner, as well as impressing the visitors by knowing what their interests are.

It’s all about keeping those window shoppers involved with your products, aiming to take them back to your website. Returning visitors will continue browsing the website, maybe add items to a shopping cart and finally, complete a purchase.

The aim is that this super targeted and segmented approach will help to turn those window shoppers into paying customers.

What do Browse Abandonment Emails Look Like?

They can show specific products that they have been looking at. This work in a similar way to cart abandonment emails, the difference is that customers don’t have to put items in their baskets first.

If a visitor is looking at a product and then leaves the site, a gentle reminder may be all they need to finalise their purchase.

Segmentation can also be used to send emails which suggest products based purely on a visitor’s browse history, gender, the value of items viewed, and new vs existing customers (as in the example below).

This level of dynamic content is the future of email marketing, with one of our clients use of dynamic segmentation, leading to a 13% increase in online sales!

How Can Browse Abandonment Emails Help You?

Of course, knowing their use and what they look like is great but we all want to know how things benefit us. Our stats shows how well browse abandonment emails work.

With an 80.9% higher open rate and 50.5% higher click through rate than traditional emails, it’s clear that visitors are highly engaged with Browse Abandonment Emails.

26% of all browsers that open these emails will click through and return to the site. This can be a significant number of visitors to your site that you can tempt back.

Average Open Rate:37.23%
Average Click/Open Rate:14.29%
Average Conv/Click Rate:11.65%

In Summary

Browse abandonment emails reignite a visitor’s interest in something that they’ve been looking at on your site. Keep them engaged and hopefully they will come back, time after time.

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