Content Marketing Specialist Nash takes us through her 7 favorite email remarketing headlines and what makes them so great!

Great email remarketing means getting your customers attention… and fast. And while the focus is often on subject lines to get emails opened, we’re going to take you one step further!

Inspired by some of our favorite brands, here’s 7 of the most effective headlines you can use in your cart abandonment emails to re-engage your customers and get them back to purchase!

1 “Always finish what you start” – Reebok

This headline from Reebok is fantastic because it taps into our sub-conscience and ties in seamlessly with their fitness vibe!

Think back… from our parents to our junior high soccer coaches, we’ve constantly been told to ‘finish what we started’.

2 “Your room feels forgotten” – Wisteria

It’s pretty darn ingenious to add a personal touch to the message by using ‘your room’ instead of ‘the room.’ Not many people would overlook a message that personally speaks to them.

So we’re loving how intimately appealing this is!

3 “PSSST remember these” – Kipling

We absolutely love this for it’s informal, fun tone. It’s something you can imagine your friend leaning over and whispering to you or maybe even giggling over.

And that’s exactly what you want, a simple friendly reminder.

4 “You’re one step closer to being there” – Virgin Atlantic

This headline makes you feel like you’re only moments away from digging your toes under warm, sun-kissed sand and cooling off under dancing palm trees!

Who wouldn’t want to be one step closer to that?!

5 “Start your adventure” – Legoland

Who doesn’t love feeling like they’re about to embark on an amazing adventure? And more importantly, who wants to feel like they could be missing out on one?

This email headline is the perfect way to create excitement for the remarkable experience awaiting your customers!

6 “Don’t let a good thing go” – Harvey Nichols

This headline is classic Rom-Com meets email marketing. The guy in the movies, rushing to the airport to stop the love of his life from leaving because he knew he was about to lose a “good thing”. It encourages the customers to rethink what they actually could be losing, and that’s what we want them to do… think twice.

7 “Indulge in what you love” – Donna Karan

Three words. Love. Love. Love! This headline creates that sense of guilt-free, pleasurable consumption and pure luxury.

It’s like devouring your favorite chocolate without thinking about the calories or splurging on that designer purse without looking at the price tag.

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