Content Marketing Specialist, Nash Pervin, is here to showcase seven awesome examples of remarketing done right in retail!

Remarketing has skyrocketed as one of the most valuable and effective strategies ever introduced into marketing. And that’s especially important since now we’re seeing cart abandonment rates as high as 73% in North America alone. Becoming increasingly aware of this problem, the retail industry has turned to remarketing to revolutionize their marketing strategies and today, we see some of the most well-known brands taking in these very solutions.

With that being said, let’s dive right into looking at some of these brands and rave over seven of the awesome examples of remarketing campaigns in retail!

1 Fitbit

Fitbit is definitely switching up the game with this on-site remarketing message which triggers on the checkout page. Not many brands mention their return policies smack dab in the middle of their on-site messages. But Fitbit is shamelessly bold about it. What this does is minimize the worries of checking out by enabling confidence in their consumers!

Fitbit does a great job of showing that there is honestly little to zero risk in going ahead with their purchase.

They don’t want you to sweat the small stuff. No pun intended.

2 Asics

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. Asics’ cart abandonment email is a game changer as it places the most valuable item on display in the email header. It even adds the incentive of free shipping to get the ball rolling. It’s an email campaign that is segmented depending on item type: men’s, kids, or women’s.

By standing out of the crowd with this email and appealing to their customers in an innovative way, Asics shows us just how successful you can be when you push the envelope.

3 Ernest Jones

What sets this cart abandonment email apart from the rest is its dynamic content. How cool is it that Ernest Jones highlighted an important holiday and added a countdown timer to show their customers just how much time they have left to order that perfect gift? By bringing you your basket with an added time crunch, this cart abandonment email makes you shift in your seat and rethink your abandoned purchase.

Why not do it like Ernest Jones and have time on your side?

4 Laura Ashley

Two words come to mind with this email : elegant and classy. What’s so helpful about this cart abandonment email besides the full cart details and the clear call-to-action is the product recommendations. Based off of the most sought after items, Laura Ashley understands that the best way to pick back up with a purchase is to make the process as easy and relevant as possible! Mission accomplished.

5 FatFace

Stats reveal that 77% of shoppers seek out reviews and ratings before completing a purchase. Keeping that in mind, FatFace chose to integrate their customer reviews directly into their cart abandonment emails. Creating a sense of trust, these helpful reviews work to tempt back hesitant shoppers and put their minds at ease. FatFace sees the value of giving their customers a voice and putting it on the front lines of their emails. And without a doubt, it’s working.

6 Callaway Golf

There’s nothing quite like a great first drive to kick-start your remarketing efforts, and Callaway Golf has managed to do just that. Triggering on the checkout page, this intelligent on-site message is truly dynamic. Along with the cool animation, depending on whether a customer’s purchase exceeds $100 or not, a different message is displayed. A basket that exceeds $100 receives the added bonus of free shipping! How’s that for some motivation to buy more?

7 The Body Shop

This email is not just amazing because of the overall cool, calm and collective feeling you get, but because their cart abandonment message notifies customers that their desired items may not always be in stock.

That, in itself, creates a sense of urgency and nudges customers to buy now while their products are still available! A little FOMO tactic that works wonders.

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