Behavioral Marketing Specialist, Nathan Rose, looks at six examples of how customer experience has been improved by brands using behavioral marketing.

“Customer Experience”. It’s the phrase on everyone’s lips and with the increased interaction customers now have with brands in this ever-evolving, digitally-connected world, it comes as no surprise.

Working in close quarters with some of the world’s leading e-commerce brands, I’ve seen some great examples of how they aim to delight their customers using behavioral marketing.

Here’s six of my favorites…

1 Product Recommendations

So your customer has abandoned their purchase and you’ve tried to entice them back with a carefully crafted email but they’re still not buying. Maybe they’re just no longer interested in that product, it happens.


But you can still help the customer by sending them a follow up email with handy product recommendations based on their original basket item.

That’s exactly what fashion retailer Monsoon implemented and as a result, boosted recovered sales by 25%! What’s more the average order value for these purchases is 38% higher than direct website sales. Gold star Monsoon.

2 Immediate Engagement

As our recent webinar shows, the rise of mobile is unstoppable. With everyone’s time split between so many different apps and tasks, checking Facebook, shopping online, playing Pokemon Go (ahem), it is easy for customers to get distracted.

Make it simple for your customers by sending them a text linking straight back to complete their purchase there and then via mobile.

This increased urgency worked wonders for
Firefly who recovered a flight booking from only the fourth SMS sent!

3 Save It For Later

Sometimes customers just aren’t ready to buy. Maybe they’re shopping around for the best price, waiting for payday to splash the cash or just browsing on their lunch break.

Whatever the reason, you can make sure your shoppers return when they’re ready to purchase by making it simple for them to save their items to view later.

As Panasonic’s shoppers are about to leave, they are offered the chance to have their cart emailed to them to view at a more convenient time. A true time saver for their customers as they don’t have to spend time trawling the web for that perfect item again.

4 Customer Reviews

Your customers may really want to buy that item they abandoned. However, maybe they just need an extra little push to give them the confidence that it’s going to be as awesome as your description says it is.

What better way to do so than by including the fantastic product reviews (that you’ve worked so hard to get) in your abandonment email to increase conversions?

You can try as many jazzy tools as are available, but nothing will ever be more effective than social proof when it comes to persuading a customer to buy.

Just check out Fat Face’s integration with BazaarVoice, that leaves the customer with no doubt they’re making the right choice!

5 Customer Service

Sometimes we’re reluctant to buy until we have all of the relevant information, particularly when it comes to big ticket items. On the other hand, we don’t like being bombarded with too much information as that’s distracting. So what do you do?


Simple. Let customers ask for it when they need it; displaying an on-site message only when it looks like your customer could use a helping hand. Try offering direct contact to your customer service department via live chat or phone functionality like MSC Cruises. Their super helpful ‘request a call back’ option nails it!

6 Abandonment Surveys

Sending satisfaction surveys to customers who’ve completed a purchase is great, there’s no doubt.

However, with almost 75% of all online shoppers abandoning their purchase, you’re missing out on whole load of insight that could help boost your sales.

Maximize your response rate by making it super-simple for these abandoners to give you feedback with a one-click survey sent to their inbox.

For example, it couldn’t be easier for would-be flyers to let Virgin Atlantic know what would have persuaded them to book, giving the airline invaluable insight into how they can improve their online process.

How Else Can We Help Delight Your Customers?

SaleCycle works with over 500 of the the world’s biggest brands, helping improve customer experiences and boosting sales. Take a look at our behavorial marketing solutions to find out how we can help you!