We recently released the SaleCycle Ecommerce Stats Report, which contains lots of data on all aspects of online retail.

In this post, I’ll share some of our own shopping cart abandonment data, along with some stats on the topic from some other sources.

Cart Abandonment Rates

Our latest data puts the latest cart abandonment rate at 75.6%.

This is the average over hundreds of retailers, and rates between individual sites and sectors will vary.

For example, retailers with checkout processes that are smooth and easy to use may have lower abandonment rates.

In the same way, sites in sectors which typically have longer research phases and more complex checkouts (travel and finance) will often have higher abandonment rates.

The Cost of Cart Abandonment

  • According to a Barclaycard survey, British shoppers abandon online baskets worth almost £30 a month, potentially resulting in more than £18bn in lost sales every year.
  • 41% of shoppers have abandoned a transaction during checkout in the past year, compared to 24% who have walked away from a purchase in a physical store.

Most Commonly Abandoned Items

Barclaycard’s survey also identified the items that UK shoppers are most likely to have abandoned.

29% had left women’s clothing in their baskets, while 26% abandoned men’s clothing and entertainment purchases.

The most frequently abandoned items are:

  1. Women’s knitwear
  2. Leather goods.
  3. Women’s lingerie & hosiery
  4. Headphones
  5. Watches
  6. Women’s sportswear
  7. Women’s skirts
  8. Books
  9. Men’s trousers / jeans
  10. Women’s tops & shirts

Why People Abandon Shopping Carts

Using data from abandonment surveys sent to customers after abandoning a purchase, these are the six most common reasons given.

Why People Abandon Travel Bookings

The results for travel abandonment are based on a survey of 1,000 consumers (more than one answer could be selected).

Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment emails are sent to shoppers who abandon, offering a reminder of the items added to the cart and tempting them to return to complete a purchase.

We normally send these emails around an hour after purchase, as that has been shown to generate the best results.

Email open rates vary a lot by industry, type of email and more. For example, the average ecommerce open rate is often around 15%, but triggered emails like abandonment emails achieve much better results.