A look at ecommerce trends in Poland, a market which is predicted to be worth €7bn in 2017. 

Market Size and Growth


The ecommerce market is growing in Poland, and online has a 3.3% share of all retail. This is less than half of the European average, meaning there’s plenty of room for further growth.


The most popular ecommerce site in Poland is the home-grown Allegro, on online marketplace selling a wide range of product categories.

It has a 40% share of the total ecommerce market with more than 14m customers, of which 90% shop regularly on the site.

Unlike much of Europe, ecommerce giants eBay and Amazon have very little market share.

Internet and Mobile Internet Penetration

Poland has relatively low internet penetration rate, at 73.3% compared to the European average of 85.7%.

Mobile internet penetration is growing, but it still low compared to the rest of Europe. For comparison, the same figure for the UK is 87%.

Top Product Categories Sold Online

Travel purchases were the most popular categories, according to a TNS Infratest survey.

Payment Methods

Preferred payment methods differ from Western Europe, with direct debit and cash on delivery the two most popular.

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