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Wearable Technology: Is It the Future of E-Commerce?

Wearable Technology: Is It the Future of E-Commerce?

Inspired by the latest news from this year's inaugural Apple Conference, SaleCycle's Chris Wilson considers the impact that wearable technology could have on the future of e-commerce and whether we're looking at more...
5 Remarketing Tactics We Love to Hate

5 Remarketing Tactics We Love to Hate

We're generally a pretty positive bunch here at SaleCycle. However, in response to our blog '5 Incredibly Effective Ways To Improve Your Email', I thought it would be fun to turn...
5 Ways to Improve Remarketing Email Conversions

5 Incredibly Effective Ways to Improve Your Email

There has much debate on the effectiveness of email marketing. Does it really bring about the promised ROI? Despite the introduction of new advanced tools and platforms to help businesses generate revenue and...
Mobile Shopping Trends

What’s so Trendy about Mobile?

Account Manager, Chamari De Silva, gives you the inside scoop on how to become a major trendsetter in online retail. Don't you just hate when you're browsing the web on your mobile...
Cart Abandonment is on the Increase

Cart Abandonment is on the Increase

Cart abandonment is on the increase and the trend looks set to continue... There’s a good chance you’ve done it today. If not today, then you’ll almost certainly do it later this week...
The Perfect Booking Recovery Email

[Infographic] The Perfect Booking Recovery Email

Philip Docherty, Customer Marketing Manager, reveals the secrets to The Perfect Booking Recovery Email. Booking abandonment is a challenge facing every travel marketer today with abandonment rates averaging 81% and a forecasted $3...

The 7 Legged Spider

The story of my favorite ever email... and a 7 legged spider. It's that time of the year when we attempt to finally clear the inbox and look at back all the...
Why you should use recommended products

Product Recommendations in Email Remarketing

A true story about product recommendations in email remarketing. One week before my wedding in 2010, my future husband was in a state of panic shopping for my wedding present. I had...
Cheat Sheet to Attention Grabbing Headlines

Cheat Sheet: ATTENTION Grabbing Headlines

Great email remarketing means getting your customers attention... and fast. Inspired by some of our favorite brands, our latest cheat sheet gives you 10 of the most effective headlines you can use...
5 Ways to Compete with Amazon

5 Ways to Compete with Amazon

In an ecommerce world where Amazon exponentially continues to grow, what can other retailers do to keep up! 2013 looks like being another record-breaking year for Amazon, with the Kindle now it's...

12 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment

In this post, we look at some of the best practices retailers can follow to reduce cart abandonment. Cart,...