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The Perfect Account Manager

Dissecting The Perfect Account Manager

E-Commerce brand, high online abandonment rate WLTM experienced, honest AM for long lasting meaningful cart recovery relationship, maybe more. Must be expert juggler with large collection of hats. Excellent Communication skills,...
Email Split Testing: As Simple as A & B

Email Split Testing: As Simple as A & B

Three great little email split testing stories... Picture the scene: Your cart abandonment campaign is up and running and the SaleCycle elves are busy at work retargeting your customers and recovering those...
Good Customer Service in Customer Remarketing

How To Treat Your Customers…

Last weekend my husband needed to book a hotel for the night. We elected to book one of the DoubleTree by Hilton properties and we are certainly glad we did. Now...
Why do I open some emails?

Why Do I Open Some Emails And Delete Others?

Head of Strategic Sales Nick Cordero asks why it is that he'll open one email and then delete 5 others! I have had an iPhone 4s for two years now. I resisted...
The Perfect Basket Abandonment Email

[Infographic] The Perfect Basket Abandonment Email

More Recent Infographic Available! There is a more recent version of this infographic, to access it simply click here! LATEST INFOGRAPHIC Head of Marketing Chris Sheen introduces a great infographic revealing the secrets to The...
Using Social Media for Customer Service

Thomas Cook v Thomas Cook

This made me smile. If your name just happens to be Michael Page, Paul Smith, Cath Kidston or John Lewis then you can probably sympathize with young Tom. Either way, it’s a...

The Ecommerce Customer Journey Checklist

A checklist with some of the key features ecommerce sites can use to encourage shoppers to complete a purchase.  Lots of shoppers head to a...